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Can An ERP System Boost Customer Service in HK? Know What Else It Can Help You With.

22 Jan 2021
You must have known about the numerous benefits of an ERP system in Hong Kong by now. One of such benefits that you might get by using the ERP system is customer service. Some companies choose to customize their ERP to improve customer service. While other companies choose to ... READ MORE

Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing IT Solutions: Know Before You Get It.

20 Jan 2021
In today’s world, outsourcing services is not a big deal. Businesses easily outsource several required services, without increasing their manpower. One such service is IT solutions. Irrespective of the size of your business, you can also get the services provided by skilled ... READ MORE

Boost Your Data Security With Our Cloud ERP System 中文.

18 Jan 2021
Keeping the information and data in ERP systems is one of the most critical decisions in an organization. Data security has always been a concern for business owners. With the increase in technologies, security threats have also increased. That’s the reason why businesses ... READ MORE

How To Select The Right SEO Service Providers in Hong Kong?

16 Jan 2021
Selecting the right SEO service in Hong Kong is one of the most vital duties for business owners. However, it’s not an easy job. This is because it is tough to find out the right company you can trust. But it’s a necessity if you want to expand your business. There ... READ MORE

Technology Voucher Programme: Get Your Business Funded.

13 Jan 2021
You need to be always conscious of the amount you are investing in your business. However, sometimes you need to invest to see the growth and development. Investments are needed for many purposes. It can be to build a good website, develop e-commerce solutions, or mobile apps. ... READ MORE

What Can The Software Companies in Hong Kong Help You With?

11 Jan 2021
A pilot is one of the best software companies in Hong Kong. Just like other companies, it also provides certain services. However, none of the services are like others. It has a skilled and experienced team in each department. If you need any of the services they offered, this ... READ MORE

5 Key Advantages Of Getting IT Solutions in Hong Kong

09 Jan 2021
You must know that technology is everything in today’s world. It equally plays an incomparable role in every sector. Similarly, it is necessary even for a business’s growth. Irrespective of the business’s size, people are outsourcing IT solutions in Hong Kong. ... READ MORE

What Are The SEO Services? Why Do You Need It in Hong Kong?

07 Jan 2021
If you are a businessman, then you must have heard about SEO. The SEO services are the service that helps in optimizing a website. It includes helping you rank better in the SERP(s), better web performance, and many more. The SEO services in Hong Kong are also the only thing ... READ MORE

When Is The Right Time To Hire An SEO Company In Hong Kong? Know The Details.

04 Jan 2021
It has been quite some time that SEO has been around. However, not all are experts in using it perfectly. Therefore, it is really important to understand if you are wasting time doing the wrong SEO. Understanding it will let you know when and why you need the help of an SEO company ... READ MORE

Boost Your Boost Your Customer Count With Effective App Designs.

26 Dec 2020
If you are failing in boosting your customer count with your business’s app, then your app must be lacking something essential. Apps are really effective in building the customer base. However, if your apps are not effectively used to target the audience, you likely won’t ... READ MORE

How Getting Good It Solution Services Increase Productivity?

23 Dec 2020
Does your business lack a good IT solution? Having good IT solution services is one of the basic needs of an online business. If you want to take your online businesses to the next level, then you have to outsource IT solutions. Outsourcing IT solution services can provide your ... READ MORE

What Are Web Applications? How Can They Benefit Your Business?

21 Dec 2020
Do you use web applications for your business? If you are not, then this article is for you. Web apps are computer programs that allow you to submit and retrieve data over the internet. Moreover, these programs are developed using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JS, etc. ... READ MORE

What Is Technology Voucher Programme? How Much Fund Is Provided In The Program?

19 Dec 2020
Technology Voucher Program is a program launched by the Hong Kong government. It aims to support local enterprises/organizations in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity or upgrade or transform their business processes. This program supports projects ... READ MORE

Can ERP Systems Really Help In Cost Reduction In Hong Kong? Know The Details.

17 Dec 2020
Are you using an ERP system for your business? If you are not, then you should. Several businesses use ERP systems in Hong Kong. ERP systems are quite effective in saving expenses. These ERP systems help you avoid making costly mistakes. Moreover, these systems have become a ... READ MORE

What Are The Assessment Criteria For TVP Funding?

15 Dec 2020
The Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) of Hong Kong has come up with this unique funding program called the Technology Voucher Programme (TVP). This TVP funding is launched to help the start-ups and entrepreneurs start their businesses successfully. So, if you are wondering ... READ MORE

Can ERP Systems Help A Small Business In HK? What Benefits Can It Provide?

11 Dec 2020
If you have a small online business in Hong Kong, you can get an ERP system for better management of the business proceedings. Though ERP HK systems are widely used by large businesses, they are also becoming popular among small and medium-sized organizations. They use a system ... READ MORE

Will An ERP System 中文 Work For Your Business Needs? How Can It Improve The Business Proceedings?

09 Dec 2020
If you are wondering whether an ERP system will work for your business or not, then why won’t it? It really doesn’t matter what your business is, or what kind of products you are dealing with. the ERP system is widely used by large businesses. Small and medium-sized ... READ MORE

E-commerce 中文 Business: How Can It Speed Up The Buying Process?

07 Dec 2020
It’s a good thing that you want to speed up the customer’s buying process. That means you have to boost the speed of the customer’s buying decisions. But how can you do it? Since your entire e-commerce 中文 business is based on the online selling of products ... READ MORE

Get A Mobile Application | A Constant Reminder Of Your Business.

05 Dec 2020
If you have an online business but not an app, then you are surely missing out a lot. Businesses with a mobile app are definitely getting more attention, engagement, and sales. Because mobile apps constantly work for increasing the brand’s visibility. It makes your brand ... READ MORE

Why Does An E-commerce 中文 Business Have No Reach Limitations?

04 Dec 2020
If you have an e-commerce 中文 business but still failing to reach a greater audience, then you are failing a great deal. One of the most important benefits of having an e-commerce business is that there’s no limit to the number of reaches you can have. Ecommerce businesses ... READ MORE

Engage Your Audience More With A Mobile Application.

03 Dec 2020
Are you failing to engage the audience on your website? Of course, engaging audiences is quite a tough job. But why do you always waste your energy on your website for everything? You have other options as well. One such thing is the mobile application. Using mobile apps can ... READ MORE

Advantages Of Web Application Over Desktop Application

27 Nov 2020
Every online business is developing their own app. It is done to target the maximum number of audiences. Whether anyone wants to order a pizza or do a bank transaction, there are apps for every service. But with the popularity of apps, a question has raised, i.e., which one to ... READ MORE

Why Are You Putting Your Website At Risk? Get The Best It Solution Service.

26 Nov 2020
With digital integration, what has come along is the increased use of external service providers. It might seem easy but handling the IT tasks all alone is a complex task. It is not easy to handle by organizations, especially while taking care of all the other business proceedings. ... READ MORE

How Can ERP Improve The Business Proceedings In Hong Kong?

24 Nov 2020
With the evolution of technology, businesses have started to use technologies to manage their business proceedings. There is much software available in the market that is used for the same purpose. One of the most popular software that businesses are widely using is Enterprise ... READ MORE

Learn About The Advantages of Using Easy To Use App Designs.

17 Nov 2020
If you want to see your business growing, you have to follow some necessary measures, like designing a user-friendly website or a user-friendly app. Though both of them provide the same advantage, still it has been seen that mobile apps are more popular. The UI or User Interface ... READ MORE

Secure Your Website with an IT solution service.

16 Nov 2020
When you have an online business, it is really important to increase the security level of your website. To boost the security level of your website, you will be able to gain the confidence of your potential customers, helping in making the maximum conversion. If you are having ... READ MORE

Still, Running An Offline Store? Transform It Into An E-commerce 中文 Business.

09 Nov 2020
Don’t you want to grow your offline business? There is a limit to which you can grow your offline business. To reach out to a larger audience, you need to target them. For doing that, you need to transform your offline business into an e-commerce 中文 business. E-commerce ... READ MORE

What Are The Solutions/services Provided In The Technology Voucher Programme?

07 Nov 2020
If you are applying for the Technology Voucher Programme, you must be aware of the solutions and services that you will get when your project gets approval. You will be glad to know that there are a lot of services that you will be able to use for your business. All the services ... READ MORE

7 Reasons Why Every Company Should Use The ERP System 中文

06 Nov 2020
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP system 中文) systems are used by many companies for managing their business functions within a centralized and integrated system. It is being used by a number of different industries, like healthcare, non-profit groups, construction, and hospitality. ... READ MORE

The Pros and Cons of Using Web Application.

05 Nov 2020
Web application refers to the application program which can be stored on a remote server. Sometimes, it is built for a specific program, just as a cross-platform app development service. Many businesses use them on the basis of their advantages and disadvantages. There are multiple ... READ MORE

Finding It Hard To Select An Erp Hk? 10 Steps To Help You Out

04 Nov 2020
ERP systems are likely to become the future of all businesses. That’s selecting the right ERP system for your business is vital. There are many types of ERP HK Systems available from different companies and all of them claim themselves the best. However, not any ERP system ... READ MORE

How You Can Boost Your Profit By Using A Mobile Application?

03 Nov 2020
In this world of digitization, mobile applications have become an essential item for every business. It has been seen in a study that the financial profits earned through mobile apps are continuously increasing. That’s one of the reasons why mobile apps have become a necessity ... READ MORE

How is the Fund Provided in the TVP Funding Implemented in the Projects?

02 Nov 2020
TVP funding is a government program launched by the Hong Kong government that aims at supporting local businesses to use technological services and solutions to improve productivity and transform their business processes. In this TVP funding program, there can be funding up to ... READ MORE

What Are The Eligibility Criteria To Apply For TVP Funding? Learn How You Can Make Yourself Eligible For It.

27 Oct 2020
TVP Funding is a program launched by the Hong Kong government which was launched to support enterprises or organizations in using technological services and solutions to increase productivity or upgrade the business proceedings. The TVP Funding Programme aims at supporting the ... READ MORE

Are You Still Using the Out-dated Technologies for Your Online Business? Get the Best IT Solutions

27 Oct 2020
There are many online businesses that are using out-dated technologies to grow their business. This is the reason for the failure of many businesses. When you are an online business owner, you must remember that you need to use the latest technologies to grow your business. If ... READ MORE

Still Haven’t Secured Your Data? Get the Best Web Application to Secure Your Centralized Data

17 Oct 2020
When you are an online business owner, you must be aware of how important it is to protect your data. With proper web application, you can increase the security level of your precious data. Even if your hardware is stolen, you can still secure the business with all your secured ... READ MORE

Struggling to Manage Yout Business Proceedings? Manage It With the Best Erp System 中文

17 Oct 2020
ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning Software is a business software that is used to carry out all the business proceedings. It will keep the record of the raw materials, management, and optimization of inventory, production planning, and scheduling, and even controlling the customer ... READ MORE

What is ERP System中文? What Features Do You Get in an ERP System中文?

16 Oct 2020
ERP system 中文 is the abbreviation of the Enterprise Resource Planning System. It is software that businesses use to manage all the core business proceedings in everyday life. It can provide a helping hand in managing the accounts, procurement, project management, risk management ... READ MORE

Use Your App as the Most Traffic Generating Option: Have the Best App Design in Hong Kong.

16 Oct 2020
With millions of smartphone users all around the world, businesses are developing new apps just to target the increased number of smartphone users. Mobile apps are widely used by people as they don’t have to use your PC or desktop to access the app. So, you also need a ... READ MORE

Increase Your Productivity With The Most Affordable App Designers In Hong Kong.

16 Oct 2020
If you are an e-commerce business owner, you must be well aware of how important a website is for your business. Just like the website that you use for your business, you will also need a mobile app that will help to take your business to the next level. With all the mobile users ... READ MORE

What Kinds of Projects Are Funded in the Technology Voucher Programme? Find Out if Your Project Will Be Funded in This Program?

13 Oct 2020
Technology Voucher Programme is a government program launched in Hong Kong in November 2016. It aims to support local businesses in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity and business processes. You can apply for this program anytime throughout the ... READ MORE

What Are The Procurement Procedures Of TVP Funding? Find Out The Details.

13 Oct 2020
TVP Funding is a program launched by the Hong Kong government in November 2016. It was launched with the goal to increase productivity with better tech support and solutions. The eligible applicants should make sure that they are providing all the details to carry out an open ... READ MORE

Want to Improve Customer Engagement? Get the Most Easy-to-use Features on Your Mobile Application

09 Oct 2020
With the invention of smartphones, millions of people are using the internet through their phones. So, to establish your e-commerce business well, you have to target the mobile users as well. With not only mobile-friendly websites, but you also have to develop mobile applications ... READ MORE

Find What Documents You Need While Submitting the Application for Technology Voucher Programme

08 Oct 2020
Technology Voucher Programme is the program launched by the Hong Kong government in November 2016. It was launched to support local enterprises or organizations to use technological services and solutions to increase their productivity. This program will be funding 6 projects ... READ MORE

Want to Target Mobile Phone Users? Get Yourself a Mobile Application

08 Oct 2020
With the evolution of technology, mobile phones have become an essential part of the world. that’s why it is very important for business owners to make their websites mobile-friendly, which will allow them to reach out to a major part of the audience. You can also develop ... READ MORE

Evolution of ERP System in Hong Kong: Get to Know about the Future of ERP System

17 Sep 2020
ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is an integrated management process of main business procedure which is mediated by software and technologies. ERP System 中文 can be categorised as one of the business software which is used by different business entities to collect, understand, ... READ MORE

Find out about the Pros and Cons of using Mobile Application

16 Sep 2020
The digitalisation of every business in the industry now has become a trend. If you are owning a trade and trying to attract more target consumers to your product or service, you need a digital platform. After the innovation of smart devices, every service is available through ... READ MORE

Want to apply for the Technology Voucher Programme? Check out the eligibility criteria

15 Sep 2020
In this era of intense competition, organizations need better tech support and solutions for better productivity. Several services are available for helping such companies with expertise. Technology Voucher Programme is the leading service they provide. You can get expert guidance ... READ MORE

Pros and Cons of ERP System Customization: Get The Full Information.

14 Sep 2020
ERP is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource planning. Many people are unfamiliar with the term. So, for their information, ERP is a kind of software. Offices use the ERP system to maintain daily activities like risk management, maintaining accounts, procuring, and handling ... READ MORE

How to apply for TVP Funding? Read to get the full details

08 Sep 2020
If you are running an authentic business in Hong Kong and need funding with technological support, you can apply for TVP Funding. The organisations can get the required technical support as well as financing from authorised organisations. The budget is deliberately focussed on ... READ MORE