Planning To Start An E-commerce Business? Click Here To Know About The Best 5 Platforms To Start Within 2021.

With the world going crazy over e-commerce business, selling products online had never been so challenging. However, you can still stand out by using the right online platform. With the right platform, you can list your product quickly, attract clients and see the conversion – sitting at home. To help you find the right platform, we have listed the best five e-commerce platforms that you can think about in 2021.


BigCommerce is a leading e-commerce platform that offers incredible online store features. This platform is designed to boost large and fast-growing businesses. Also, you can good through the following ratings of its features.

Feature Rating
Value  4.0
Features 3.9
Performance 4.5
Ease To Use 4.8
Design & Theme 3.8
Integrations 4.2



This is another popularly used e-commerce platform. In addition to that, this platform offers the fastest loading speed and easy to manage.

Feature Rating
Value 4.0
Features 3.8
Performance 3.9
Ease to Use 4.9
Design & Theme 4.0
Integrations 4.6



Wix is a comprehensive e-commerce platform where you can have your freedom. In other words, you can use all the features provided to set up your online store.

Feature Rating
Value 5.0
Features 3.7
Performance 3.9
Ease to Use 4.2
Design & Theme 4.7
Integrations 3.5



This is an open-source platform, which is developed as an extended version of WordPress. Moreover, many businesses across the world because of the underneath features.

Feature Rating
Value 4.5
Features 3.9
Performance 3.1
Ease to Use 3.3
Design & Theme 4.3
Integrations 4.1




Like WooCommerce, Magento is also an open-source platform. However, it’s written on PHP. Most importantly, this online platform provides a flexible shopping cart system. Other than that, it also offers the following features, which are given with their ratings.

Feature Rating
Value 3.5
Features 4.4
Performance 2.8
Ease to Use 2.2
Design & Theme 3.7
Integrations 3.6


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