UI V/S UX Design: Learn About The Difference From The Expert Designers.

UI and UX design – We offer to use these terms while describing our designs. But do you know what these two things are? Do they represent the same thing? Or, are they different things? If they are different things, then how exactly are they different from each other? To find answers to your queries about UI/UX design, you can read this article.

What is UX Design?

User experience design (UX design) is the process any designing team uses to create designs for a better user experience. This design is used to set up coordination between real humans and everyday products/services. Moreover, this design includes designing for branding, designing, usability, and function. It can be a combination of psychology, business, market research, design, and technology. Because of this, a UX designer needs to have knowledge of a wide variety of things.

Advantages of UX Design:

Great usability:

It’s an impossible task to provide a good UX design without good usability. However, it is only an advantage of using good UX designs. Moreover, usability lets us understand whether a user can perform the task well or not. In addition to that, great usability lets us create great products and super user-friendly.


About the people and for the people:

Often mistaken as UI design, UX designs are mainly used to offer a better experience to the users. Therefore, UX designing experts think beyond your imaginations and create designs that can be highly engaging for users. With a better understanding of users’ needs, wants, behaviors, and context, UX designers have the ability to create designs for people.


An ongoing process:

The UX design of a product will continuously evolve as you get feedback from the customers. Also, as the requirement of the products changes, you have to upgrade your designs and satisfy their wants.


Fulfill a business’s needs:

The designs need to fulfill the business’s needs as well. That’s why designers create products that can fulfill businesses ’ needs and users’ needs. In other words, they focus on using meeting both the requirements.


What is UI Design?

User Interface design (UI design) is the process any designing team uses to create interfaces in software or technical devices. In simple words, designers create UI designs to provide easy-to-use features and pleasurable for users. Moreover, the UI designs let the users interact with the designs. These designs generally come in three formats:

  1. Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs): In this design, the user interacts with the visual designs that appear on his device. For example, a computer’s desktop, laptop, smartphone.
  2. Voice-Controlled Interfaces (VIUs): In this design, the user interacts with their voices. For example, Amazon’s Alexa, iPhone’s Siri, etc.
  3. Gesture-Based Interfaces: Users interact with 3D designs through motions. For example, visual reality games.

Advantages of using UI designs:


What is the difference between UX and UI design?


UI and UX Designs have Different Objectives:

The major difference between UI and UX designs is the usage of different prototyping. Many UI designers claim that a prototype should be a hi-fi model. However, logic is the top priority for the UX designer. In other words, we will use UI designs for meeting customers. However, we will be using the prototype created by the UX designers to meet the programmers. Do you know why? The reason behind it is really simple. UI designers pay more attention to creating a good interface – the front end, while UX designers focus on the back end.


UI and UX Designs use Different Colors:

UI designers like to design prototypes in multicolor, whereas, UX designers prefer to use three basic colors in the prototype design. These colors are black, white, and gray. You can clearly see this difference in the icons or in the designs.


UI and UX Designs Use Different Tools:

Since UI and UX designs play different roles in designing, the tools they use are also different. For instance, designing images is the most important role of UI designers. Therefore, different advanced tools are used for designing. On the other hand, UX designers prefer to work on their prototype, which helps in saving time and making designs more efficient.


Which one is better: UI/UX design?

Well, this question is hard to answer. The answer may vary depending on your business’s needs and customers’ needs. It mainly depends on factors like:

Therefore, depending on your needs, you can select the designers you need. So, you have carefully think about it or discuss it with your team before hiring them.

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