How to apply for TVP Funding? Read to get the full details

If you are running an authentic business in Hong Kong and need funding with technological support, you can apply for TVP Funding. The organisations can get the required technical support as well as financing from authorised organisations. The budget is deliberately focussed on developing technological services and solutions in local, small or medium enterprises. Several of the best technical service providers in the industry can help you to flourish.

Eligibility criteria of application

You should know the eligibility criteria from your organisations’ part to claim for the funding. Your organisation can receive 75% of the total price of the package. You can even apply for up to 6 projects at a time per organisation. But you must be careful to fulfill every criterion. From registration under Government to exact project application your organisation should possess all.

How to apply?

TVP Funding allows us to apply for the whole year. Any entity or someone owing an organisation has to follow the proper and authentic procedure to apply for the funding to increase productivity. First, the entity needs to register in the Technology Voucher Programme Funding Administrative System as a user. Then he/she can apply with the user ID for the funding.

If there is any issue while submitting through the website, you can reach the Innovation and Technological Commission (ITC) for help. But you should read and go through several documents available on the site for guidance before applying. You need a list of documents to submit in pdf format for the application at a time. So, make a list of them beforehand and use them with the papers along.

Once you get the TVP Funding, the technical support you need can be provided by the best in the industry. Pilot Sample Software is the company that can offer you solutions for all kinds of tech support for any device or any programme.

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