Want to apply for the Technology Voucher Programme? Check out the eligibility criteria


In this era of intense competition, organizations need better tech support and solutions for better productivity. Several services are available for helping such companies with expertise. Technology Voucher Programme is the leading service they provide. You can get expert guidance in this field.

The service providers with the program offer to help individual organizations. There are certain definite to be fulfilled for eligibility of applying for the Technology Voucher Programme:

Any company or organization not listed under the required organizations of Hong Kong and the Government of Hong Kong, would not be eligible to get the funding under the Technology Voucher Programme. Every organization can get financing for up to 6 projects. For every project, your organization can get HK$600,00 as funding if all the criteria match.

For the technological support of the company, you can rely on Pilot Simple Software. They provide you with the best tech support, which is a must need to become eligible to work under the program. Your institute can work with the software and technological support from the best in the market. Thus they ensure using the funding in their project successfully.

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