Stock Pilot

Customizable inventory management solution for SMEs



General Features

Simple, Intuitive and User Friendly
  • The most simple eCommerce solution ever
  • Simple, engaging and user friendly interfaces
  • Tasks are completed quickly and efficiently
  • No technical skills required to understand the system

Responsive - Mobile Friendly
  • Fully optimized for all devices
  • Desktops, tablets and mobile friendly
  • Convenient shopping experience on mobiles

Search Engine Optimized
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Provision to enter search engine meta data
  • Structural search engine friendly urls
  • Coding standard as per Google's guidelines

  • Integration of SSL Certificates
  • Crucial data such as passwords are encrypted
  • Protection from malicious scripts and SQL injection
  • Security setup as per the industry standards

  • Suitable for any size of business
  • Taking advantage of cloud hosting infrastructure
  • Automatic scaling of network resources

Content Management System (CMS)

100% Editable Content
  • Centralized content management system for site owners
  • Every piece of content on the website is editable
  • Unlimited amount of content creation and updation
  • Zero learning curve with no technical skills

Usergroup Module for Administrators
  • Manage different level of access to the CMS
  • Super administrators, administrators, users etc...
  • Full control over the content security
  • Works well for even big companies with several hierarchy of users

Product Management

Unlimited Categories / Sub Categories
  • Create unlimited categories and sub-categories
  • Provision to add category poster, banner and homepage
  • Conveniently turn on / off category and all items under it

Unlimited Brands
  • Products can also be grouped by unlimited brands
  • Availability of optional brand homepage and banners

Unlimited Products
  • Easily create products of any size
  • Complete flexibility of product configurations
  • Main picture, related picture and pdf attachments
  • Highlight any product as popular, featured or sale etc..

Powerful Search & Navigation
  • Browse products quickly with powerful search function
  • Search by brand, category, sub-category, keyword, price etc..
  • Sort products by price, latest, popularity etc

Product Listing
  • Elegant and simplistic display of products
  • Easily turn off / on the price display
  • Breadcrumb and easy navigation to different pages

Quick Add to Cart
  • Instant purchase of favorite products in one click
  • Easy navigation to the shopping cart once items added

Add to Wishlist
  • Add any items to the wish-list for later review
  • Multiple wish-lists could be managed under My Accounts
  • Easily add items from wish-list to shopping cart when necessary

Special Badges / Labels
  • Each product could be configured to have multiple badges
  • New, Hot, Sale etc..

Product Detail Page
  • Minimalist view of product and all related features
  • Main product image and multiple shots of different views
  • Prominent add to cart & wish-list buttons

Product Variations
  • Variations of a product by different parameters
  • Options such as by size, color, price, weight etc...

Related Products
  • Automatic or manual suggestion of related products
  • Suggestions by various algorithm

Shopping Process

Shopping Cart
  • Elegant view of shopping cart
  • Provision to update the quantity
  • Provision to update the other parameters

Shipping Calculation
  • Flat or calculated shipping rate
  • Shipping calculation by country
  • Calculation by shipping agencies
  • Instant calculation of total amount

Tax Calculation
  • Calculation of tax as per the requirement
  • Calculation by individual items or the order as whole

Multiple Shipping Address
  • Manage multiple shipping addresses
  • Easily choose address from the previous orders

Checkout Preview of Entire Order
  • Simplest overview of the entire order before placing
  • Products, shipping address, charges, tax and order total
  • Various payment options provided

Payment Methods

Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Allow customers make payments upon the delivery

Paypal Payment Gateway
  • Seamless integration of Paypal gateway
  • Paypal is enabled by default
  • Payment made using existing Paypal account or a credit card

Custom Payment Gateways
  • integration of custom payment gateways as per the requirement

Order Management

Order Creation
  • Orders are instantly created in the back-end
  • Payments status from the gateways are updated in the background
  • Orders could be either completed or cancelled

Email Notifications
  • Successful completion of order triggers notifications
  • Summary of order sent by email to both customer and site owner
  • Direct link from email to CMS for instant processing of order

Manage Order Status
  • Manage all the orders effectively in the order module
  • Status of each order could be easily updated and tracked
  • Pending orders are displayed by default

Generate Invoice
  • Easily generate printable invoices
  • Invoices could also be emailed to customer in one click

Reports & Export
  • Powerful analysis of orders by different criteria
  • Bulk export orders to xlsx for further analysis
  • Exported data could also be integrated with the accounting system

Account Management

Member Registration
  • Repeated customers can easily create an account
  • Very minimal information captured for quick creation
  • Becoming a member enables various benefits

Member Login
  • Members could login by email and password
  • Social media and OTP login also supported

Forgot / Reset Password
  • Forgotten password could be reset easily
  • Password is reset using a special link sent to the registered email

My Profile Dashboard
  • Successful login unveils access to variety of features
  • Basic information such as name, email, mobile could be updated
  • Adjust the newsletter subscription preferences
  • Change password by entering the old password

My Orders
  • Display of all previous orders by the logged in member
  • Orders could be filtered by status, date etc...
  • Download invoice of past orders

Re-order from Previous Orders
  • Items from the past orders could be added to the current cart
  • A complete past order could also be re-ordered as whole

Wishlist Management
  • Member can create unlimited number of wish-lists
  • Each wish-list can have one or several items
  • Items could be moved across different wish-lists
  • Wish-lists also could be shared with friends by email

Order from Wishlist
  • Items in the wish-list could be easily added to the shopping cart

Customer Management

Unlimited Contacts
  • Convenient management of customers by administrators
  • Manual update of multiple shipping addresses
  • Enable or disable customer accounts

Grouping By Interest
  • Profiling of customers by various groups and interests
  • One customer could be added to one or multiple lists

Bulk Import and Export
  • Bulk import of customer data using import template
  • Export data to be integrated with third party mailing system

View Customer Purchase History
  • Quick view of purchase history by each customer
  • Link to order record for complete detail

Marketing Features

Subscribe / Un-subscribe Newsletters
  • Opt-in opt-out for newsletters and marketing promotions
  • New members are subscribed by default
  • Opt-out through member preference or the url in the newsletters

Bulk Communication
  • Broadcast module enable bulk communication
  • Unlimited number of campaigns
  • Intuitive wysiwyg editor to compose newsletter

Campaign by Targeted Groups
  • Targeted campaigns for various interest group
  • Only one email sent despite of being in different groups

Newsletter Templates
  • Provision to create pre-defined templates
  • Save an existing broadcast as template
  • Reuse of template across different campaigns

  • Optional integration of built-in blogging tools
  • Unlimited posts and tags
  • Easily manage post by blog module in the CMS
  • Integrated wysiwyg editor to compose articles

Homepage Management

Product Banner / Slideshow
  • Configuration of landing page banner in multiple ways
  • Animated slideshow and tagline headings
  • Call to action buttons

Featured Products Widget
  • Enable or disable featured products widget
  • Products could be set as featured in the CMS

Popular Products Widget
  • Enable or disable popular products widget
  • Popular products are either manually or automatically flagged

New Products Widget
  • Enable or disable latest products widget
  • Latest products are either manually or automatically flagged

Product Categories Widget
  • Enable or disable categories widget
  • Display the top ten product categories as carousel

Advanced Features

Multi Currency Manager
  • Multi currency module in the CMS
  • Administrator can setup the required currency
  • Conversion rates are manually or automatically updated

Live Currency Conversion
  • Provision of currency choice in the front-end
  • Prices are instantly converted
  • Last currency choice will be remembered by the browser

Multi Language Manager
  • Multi-lingual feature for the entire site
  • Easily update the translations in the CMS
  • Users are allowed to change the site language any time

Multi Country / Site Manager
  • Centralized product management by different regions
  • Availability of products based on the regions
  • Different base currency and language options
  • Region administrators can access only their orders

Shipping API Integration
  • Calculation of real time shipping calculation
  • Integration of various shipping agencies such as Fedex, DHL etc..


Google Analytics Integration
  • Integration of Google Analytics service
  • Complete tracking of user activities in the website
  • Free access to the analytics by various criteria
  • Setup of automated schedule email of the report

Provision for SEO / SEM Meta Tags
  • Search engine friendly meta tags in the header
  • Special tags for social media sharing
  • Customized poster exclusively for social medias

Social Media Sharing
  • Integration of social media sharing widgets
  • Users can easily share different pages or products
  • Bookmarking on social bookmarking websites

Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Structural search engine friendly urls with targeted keywords
  • Leads to better ranking in the search engines

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