10 Important “Internet of Things” You Should Know in 2016

With everything connected, Internet has become the hottest topic without which the world does not even exist! Before it was just internet and now comes the “Internet of Things” which has become a popular phrase and it is changing the lives of many!

What it is actually? Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that refers to physical objects that are connected to the web for the means of exchanging data. May it be a fitness tracker, a coffee machine or a robotic vacuum cleaner that keeps progress with your phone to accomplish the tasks assigned by you!

Tech giants powered by “IoT” promises to the change we way we live the world now!

Here are a few amazing facts you should know about Internet of Things in 2016:

1. Interest is rising: According to Google Trends, the interest shown on the term “Internet of Things” (IoT) is rising significantly for the past two years, which means a long-term adoption is sure to happen in 2016 too!


2. 50 to 200 Billion connected devices by 2020: Cisco, the powerful networking giant estimates that the no. of connected devices will increase 15 to 50 Billion by the year 2020.


3. Sensors become the Heart of Focus: IoT is the one that could provide all the communication backbone between devices. The same case exists for sensors. Just like the roots of a tree, the Internet of Sensors can sense all types of extremities and disasters by capturing and feeding data to the Internet most likely through wireless technologies!


4. Internet Connected Home: IoT will be connecting almost all the devices we have in home, from thermostats to fridges, all the smart devices will optimize its operations in real-time.


5. Automated Driving will Fierce: 90% of the cars will be connected by 2020 and it will support new features including in-car infotainment, autonomous driving, new digital powered concept cars and more.


6. IoT Powers Down for Health: Wearable tech devices which are currently used as IoT in hospitals, will grow as a “doctor –patient” model with similar technology to be used by at home to measure vitals through wireless monitoring.


7. Internet Connected Clothing: It is predicted that about 10.2 Million units of smart clothing will be shipped by 2020 which was 140K units during 2013.


8. IoT to Improve Industrial Productivity: Industries might soon be installing internet connected sensors that harness the powerful of big data and unlock analytics insights that aid to increase the speed and efficiency of the industrial production.


9. IoT can customize your Sleep: Currently, there are over 9000 apps to track and monitor your sleep. By the end of 2016, we will also see sleep sensors under the mattress that can track minute-to-minute data about your sleep environment including the temperature, sound, light color, etc.


10. Looking towards a connected future: If we look ahead, we will realize the world will sooner be filled with smart objects connected to the Internet. Also, the tech giants understand the value of IoT and are investing to identify and generate fresh revenue that can benefit from internet of connectivity.

Putting Altogether:

IoT is growing rapidly since the Internet of Things covers a lot of different types of technologies giving different ways to invest in the industry. Whether it is hardware, software, products or services, it’s important for businesses to focus on IoT to stay competitive and remain updated in the new revolution of smart technology.

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