5 Simple Social Media Marketing Tools for Business Pros

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a business enterprise, it is almost impossible to manage social media marketing campaign without the use of 3rd party tools. Productivity tools not only make your tasks simpler, but also it helps to achieve your task of reaching your audience in a more effective way.

With seamless list of social media tools, here are a few tools that are worth checking out:


Google Alerts for the Social Web


This is one of the best tools that help to monitor the presence of your business online. You may find the mentions of your brand across the web, or find the keywords you would like to monitor on the social mediums, blogs, forums, etc. This tool, Mention also allows you to reply to the mentions of your brand, or share your industry relevant news that you find on the web.


Discover Content like Never Before


This is a great content tool that helps you share news with your audience in a very easier way. You can not only subscribe to the RSS feeds to keep track on the industry news, but also Feedly allows you to discover new content that are relevant to the topics of your interest. On the whole, it is an awesome content discovery tool to post strong content that reduces your time in the search.


Social Analytics of Brands


This is one such powerful tool used for in-depth social media analytics that helps you track your brand’s social media performance on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, and Instagram. Quintly’s dashboard will help you to easily customize the appearance of important metrics, so that you can look into the stats that make the most to your business.


Track your Progress on Twitter


This tool gives you the real-time analysis on how your Twitter account is growing. It’s a free tool that tracks the count of your followers and predicts the growth of your future overtime. You may easily understand how quickly your followers are growing and using your information to make decisions about your business.


Powerful Social Media Analytics


As you know, buffer is the most powerful app to manage all your social media accounts in one place! It helps to post your updates to your social profiles or pages with just a single click. Apart from its sharing features, buffer also has a powerful analytics feature that gives you clear understandings on which posts are performing well, what are the best times to post updates, and so on. You can also try Buffer for Business to manage your brand’s effective social media presence.

So what are the tools you are currently focusing on? Do you have any other ideas on your social media productivity? Please leave a comment and let us discuss!

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