What is the scope of the funding under the Technology Voucher Programme?

The Technology Voucher Programme is a program launched by the government of Hong Kong. This program aims to subsidize local entities on the use of technology services and solutions. These should be used to improve the production and transform the business proceedings. Moreover, in this program, the ITC (Innovation and Technology Fund) offers a total amount of 500 million HKD to the enterprise.


Scope of the Technology Voucher Programme funding:

All the eligible small and medium enterprises are welcome to submit their application for the Technology Voucher Programme. After verification, they will be allowed to receive total funding of up to 200,000 HKD. However, the funding will be provided on a 2:1 matching basis. In other words, the eligible candidates have to pay one-third of the total project costs. Other than that, one can apply for funding for a maximum of three projects.


Scope of the project covered by the Technology Voucher Programme funding:

The Technology Voucher Programme provides funding for a number of services and solutions. Some of the services and solutions are as following:

Therefore, all the eligible candidates submit their applications with the required quotations as fast as possible. After receiving the finding, you can use it for purchasing, paying rent, or subscriptions to hardware. In addition to that, it will cover the auditing fees of the projects.

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