Advantages Of Web Application Over Desktop Application

Every online business is developing their own app. It is done to target the maximum number of audiences. Whether anyone wants to order a pizza or do a bank transaction, there are apps for every service. But with the popularity of apps, a question has raised, i.e., which one to use: a web application or a desktop one for your business?

A desktop application is a computer program that needs to be installed on a computer before you use it, while a web application doesn’t need any installation and runs on the web browser. Many businesses prefer using web applications over desktop applications. Some of the reasons for its preference:

  1. Better Accessibility: If you use a web app for writing or note-taking, you will be able to access the files from anywhere if you have internet. Unlike desktop applications, you don’t have to transfer them and carry them on a flash drive.

  2. No Updates: Desktop apps need a manual update once in a while. But the web application doesn’t need such a thing. So, you won’t have to waste your time on manual updates.

  3. Cheaper than Desktop Apps: Web apps are cheaper than desktop apps. Though both of them take a lot of time to make, you will need a good programmer for a desktop app, which is quite expensive.

  4. No Need to worry about the System Requirements: It is a great thing about the web application is that the system requirements are completely unimportant. You just need a stable internet connection. But there are web applications which can even work when the internet isn’t the best.

  5. More Cost-efficient: The web apps come in a subscription manner. You can use the web app only when you need it and pay accordingly. You don’t have spent a big amount of money on buying a desktop application.

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