What Are The Solutions/services Provided In The Technology Voucher Programme?

If you are applying for the Technology Voucher Programme, you must be aware of the solutions and services that you will get when your project gets approval. You will be glad to know that there are a lot of services that you will be able to use for your business. All the services or solutions provided in the Technology Voucher Programme are the new and modern technology that is used to make your business grow and increase productivity, which in the long run leads to the growth of the nation. This Technology Voucher Programme was launched with the aim to make the local enterprises use new technologies to increase their productivity.

The technological solutions or services for increasing the productivity or business proceedings that will be covered by the Technology Voucher Programme are:

  1. Appointment scheduling and queue management system

  2. Augmented reality (AR) technologies system

  3. Big data and cloud-based analytics solution.

  4. Building information modeling (BIM) system

  5. Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

  6. Clinic management system

  7. Cybersecurity system

  8. Document management ad mobile access system

  9. Electronic inventory management system

  10. Electronic procurement management system

  11. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution:

  12. CRM system

  13. Customers and membership analysis and management system

  14. Human resources management system

  15. Planning and scheduling system

  16. Warehouse/ inventory management system

  17. Fleet management system

  18. Intelligent Robot (Industrial Robot and Service Robot) Applications

  19. Location-based service (LBS)

  20. Logistics management system

  21. POS system

  22. Product Management System

  23. Product data management (PDM)

  24. Product lifecycle management

  25. Quick response management (QRM) system

  26. The real-time manufacturing tracking system

  27. School Management System

  28. Solutions to facilitate compliance with manufacturing standards

Other services for Testing and Certification provided in the Technology Voucher Programme are:

  1. Energy management system

  2. Environmental management system

  3. Information security management system

  4. Testing Solutions for Traditional Chinese Medicines

Other services for Environmental Protection provided in the program are:

  1. Energy management system

  2. Waste management technologies

  3. Glass imploder

  4. The automatic plastics sorting system

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