The Future Of Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is one such sector that is growing at a fast pace and going to continue in the near future as well. Apps are here since a long time but, you can’t serve similar things to the audience for years, there has to be updates and upgrades to keep them hooked with your app. There are currently 2.8 Million apps in the Google Play Store and 2.1 Million apps in the Apple App Store.

Now, if you are looking to develop one of your own, you will have to keep an eye on future trends and integrate them into your mobile application development.

1) IoT

We can say that any word with a prefix smart can be connected to IoT. There are a smartwatch, smartphone, smartTV, cameras, home, camera, thermostats, smoke alarm, doorbells, and plenty of other smart things. Every such thing requires IoT integration. The use of such products is increasing with each passing day which asks for mobile app design and development companies to develop IoT apps.


2) Progressive Web Apps

These apps are feature-rich, yet extremely light weighted exactly what users are looking for. The engagement of Progressive web apps (PWA) is quite higher than that of native mobile phone app development. PWA is highly responsive, lightweight, secure, and unaffected with the network flaws. Also, it has the same look and feel of the native app.


3) AI/ML Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are becoming integral parts of the future of mobile app development. To provide the user with a personalized experience, they must integrate AI in their mobile app development process.


4) AR/VR Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR are not just the present but, also the future of mobile app design and development. Gaming has entirely altered with the advent of AR and VR it all started with Pokemon Go, and there is no stop after that. AR and VR are not just limited to gaming apps but are integrated into several other things as well.


5) Cloud-based apps

Cloud technology cuts down on the hosting and operational cost, provides scalable infrastructure, seamless performance, expandable storage, and increased productivity. Such mobile app development will reduce the load from the internal storage and fetch the data from the cloud itself. This is why cloud-based apps are a considerable part of the future of mobile applications.


6) Blockchain

The integration of blockchain is not just limited to financial transactions but can be used in various industries. It can be integrated into every industry with a need for quality control, tracking items, and managing security levels. Exchanging markets like eCommerce, digital wallets, smart contracts, and tracking have already implemented blockchain into their business.


7) Chatbots

It is basically a self-service framework so that the users can receive quick responses to their queries. With the advancement in technology, it has been easy to integrate chatbots in mobile apps and enrich the user experience. Chatbots provides conversational experience to the app and the users who are great to engage and retain the users.


8) Wearables

Wearables have travelled from being a luxury item to a necessity. With people fitness freaks and focusing highly on personal health, manufacturing and sales have experienced a huge upward shift. It helps in managing a lifestyle with reminders on water intake and sleep patterns. Every wearable device needs an app to function.


If you are intertwined with the development and intend to stay ahead of your competitors, knowing the future possibilities is important. Learn the above trends if you don’t already know and integrate them into your development at the earliest. Each trend is already being used in the present and will continue to rule the app development industry in the future.


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