Usability Testing


Usability Testing is a type of testing that will help understand how easy or difficult it will be for an end-user to use a particular application or website. It must be done from an end-user’s point of view in order to get the better results. Poor user experience can ruin the purpose of any design even it is the most creative or beautiful design interface. Even though, this testing can be done after the project if completed, it is recommended to test your designs for usability during the development stage. Testing earlier helps in the improvement of software (be it an app or a website).

Usability Testing at Pilot is done entirely from the view point of an ultimate user (or end-user) who will have the same or similar level of knowledge, skill, age and other needed aspects according to the requirement. Our Usability Testing will help find the reason why your website or app is not getting enough response and what you should improvise. Testing for usability makes it clear that how easy your interface is to use and understand for your users, how fast the information can be read by them, how many errors they will make and how much satisfied he/she is after using your website or application.