Social Media Optimization (SMO) & Marketing (SMM)

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Social Media Optimization or SMO is about optimizing various social media sites to create awareness about a product, brand or cause. Most often the motive of SMO is to create viral publicity. Social Media Marketing (SMM) has the same purpose as Social Media Optimization, but it is mainly focused on paid ways to build awareness or popularity in a short time. SMO is all about handling organic methods to do the same. Both SMO and SMM, if properly did can attract huge audience to listen to your words. It can also help draw more targeted traffic to your website which can help generate leads.

While rightly done SMO and SMM can help create positive results, improper optimization may ruin the purpose and may attract negative feedback about a business or product. So, in order to not get into this risk, choosing a well established and experienced firm is essential to do SMO and SMM works effectively. Experts at Pilot Simple Software who have years of experience in working with Social Media Optimization techniques and creating marketing strategies can absolutely benefit your business to reach targeted customers.