Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)


Mobile Applications undoubtedly is gaining great popularity and so the need for businesses to have a mobile app keeps increasing. Like how a need for business website became a necessity, now mobile apps are also becoming more and more important. The statistical info says that almost 80% of the time spent on mobile phones is spent using mobile apps. If most of your customers are on mobile, then what is the best way to reach them? Yes, through your own mobile application. When it comes to mobile application, there are two major platforms you should consider. One is iOS and the other is Android.

More than 75 billion mobile apps are said to be downloaded from the Apple App Store, as of June 2014. And, this shows the power of iOS apps and Android apps, which is considered biggest competitor of iOS generated more than 25 billion downloads from Google Play Store, as of September 2012. ‘Pilot Simple Software’ is experienced creating and managing apps to for both of these powerful platforms. Our focus always is to develop elegant, simple and cluster-free interface in all our designs.