Cloud & Dedicated Server Hosting

cloud hosting

Cloud and Dedicated Servers are two popular ways to store your data. While each has its own benefits, it depends upon the need of a business to choose one over another. The main advantages of Cloud Hosting are its scalability, cost and being extremely reliable. In cloud hosting, you will only have to pay for what you use (amount of space). Cloud Hosting accomplish this by storing your data on multiple servers providing a virtual environment to access them. Dedicated servers on the other side will provide maximum security and full control by storing your data in your own dedicated server.

Pilot Simple Software, provides both Cloud Server Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting services to businesses in need. For people who are unsure, we recommend Cloud Hosting if you want to pay only for what you use and your requirement is mostly about scalability and reliability. But if you’re highly concerned about security of your data or if you use the server to store sensitive/personal information, then dedicated server is what we and most experts will suggest. We have years of experience in providing server hosting services with high performance. If you are still not sure, experts at ‘Pilot’ can happily assist you.